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People from all walks of life became attached to each other on August 6, 2014 because of tea. Xie Yuda Tea Museum witnessed the grand ceremony for the listing of "Xie Yuda Black Tea (CT0010)" on BOCE Spot Market!



     Xie Yuda Black Tea successfully came into BOCE, which built a new platform for Xie Yuda products' buying and selling mode upgrade and the enterprise expanding its marketing channel, was a bold attempt to integrate traditional tea industry and financial market, and would play a good model role in driving tea growers' income increase, promoting traditional tea industry entering a rapid development stage, and enhancing the image and popularity of Anhui tea. 


     Due to the tea's agricultural characteristics, the marketing channels and methods of tea products have continued traditional goods sales model, so the brand's audience and the efficiency of the trade are limited. As a modern large listed tea enterprise, Xie Yuda goes further than current development, adheres to breakthrough and innovation, aims at commodity spot market rapidly rising in recent years, utilizes the advantages, such as open and transparent agricultural product spot electronic trading market information, low transaction cost and small credit risk, relies on the bulk commodity electronic trading platform of BOCE, and combines traditional tea industry and modern commodity trade, which will endow Xie Yuda Tea with new vitality for sure.


    Data provided by Shao Kang, the analyst of the Sales Department showed that the listing guided price of Xie Yuda Black Tea was RMB 94.9, and reached RMB 102.49, the limit-up price on that day within only several seconds after the opening; and the volume of Xie Yuda Black Tea was 330 million lots and the turnover was approximately RMB 27 billion only within four months as of the end of December.



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