Chairman Message

Chairman of Xie Yuda Limited by Share Ltd tea: Xie Yiping

Whenever I face the statue of the initiator of "Xie Yuda" in the display lobby of Xie Yuda Tea Museum, Xie Zheng'an, I cannot help sighing with emotion that the wisdom of the ancestor who established "Xie Yuda Tea House" and made the world famous Huangshan Maofeng Tea about 100 years ago is still shining and bright in the long history!


Today, "Xie Yuda" carries forward, and brings the heavy responsibility of constantly inheriting the production technique of the historically famous tea on our shoulders, and we, Xie Yuda's employees living and working in the big family can stand in front of the statue of Xie Zheng'an holding our heads high, and tell proudly to him that we do not bring you disgrace, we will continue to make "Xie Yuda" stronger,  inherit the tradition and inject new vitality continuously, and sail with our great "Xie Yuda" dream!


ity is strength, we are always awake that it requires our common dream, wisdom and hard-working hands to make "Xie Yuda" develop sustainably...... We have no choice! Let us love Xie Yuda together! Let us love tea cause together!

We are willing to make every effort for the honesty and diligence written on "Xie Yuda" flag!

We will continue to fight for our "Xie Yuda" cause!

We will offer humans the best Xie Yuda tea, and struggle for the goal of making Xie Yuda become the business card of Chinese tea!

We will struggle for the family happiness of Xie Yuda people! We will struggle to bring the people who love tea with health and wellbeing!

We, Xie Yuda people thank people from all walks of life and industry colleagues who have concerned about, supported and accompanied the growth of Xie Yuda!


I sincerely wish and highly expect Xie Yuda carrying our common dream and growth, and condensing our wisdom and strength constantly sails at new starting point. Because our struggle track is more than just occupation record, and passing on from generation to generation, it is the rise of China's tea industry, and a real silhouette of prosperity!


Dear fellows, let us join hands together to breathe, sense, and struggle to co-write majestic story of Xie Yuda and Chinese tea industry!


We are adhering to "honesty" and "thrifty" and fulfilling the lofty historic mission of making Xie Yuda China's best tea company!


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