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As the first listed tea company in China (NEEQ430370), Xie Yuda Limited by Share Ltd tea. is a modern large enterprise integrating production, processing, marketing, and scientific research, involving the research and development, production, sales, and base construction of tea (Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Taiping Kowkui, Keemum, Lu'an Melon Seed Tea, scented tea, etc.) and tea food, and tea seed oil, tourism, and other tea culture related industries, and is committed to becoming China's best tea company!

The Company and its "Xie Zheng'an" brand are identified as "China time-honored brands" by Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.C. The registered trademark "Xie Zheng'an" is identified as "China Famous Brand" by SAIC. Meanwhile, Xie Yuda Limited by Share Ltd tea. is also identified as "national high-tech enterprise", "national eco-culture demonstration enterprise", "Anhui agricultural industrialization provincial leading enterprise", and is selected as Top 100 enterprise in China's tea industry in consecutive years.


The Company's products, Huangshan Maofeng Tea and Taiping Kowkui are "national geographical indication protection products". The actual controller and chairman of the Company, Mr. Xie Yiping is both the representative inheritor of the provincial immaterial cultural heritage project "green tea production technique" and the inheritor of the direct fifth generation inheritor of tea production technique of Xie Zheng'an, the creator of Huangshan Maofeng Tea  .


The historical predecessor of the Company is Xie Yuda Tea House established in the first year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu, namely AD 1875 by Xie Zheng'an from Caoxi, Ancient Huizhou, and the Company has a long history of 140 years by now. "Huizhou Caoxi Tea Plant" established by Xie Yiping in 1993 recovered the century-old brand "Xie Yuda" after two joint-stock system reforms, and became modern and sustainably developed Xie Yuda Limited by Share Ltd tea.


As the manufacturer of China's historical high quality tea, the Company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and has a well-managed research team, more than 400 professional tea technicians, and more than 20 superior and intermediate tea tasters. In 2009, the Company's R & D team was selected as Anhui provincial third batch "115" innovation team, and presided over and participated in National Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund, National Science and Technology Support Program, Ministry of Agriculture 948, Agricultural Restructuring Major Special Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Anhui Provincial Expert Workshop, Anhui Provincial Tackle Hard-nut Problems in Science and Technology and other projects, and obtained one first prize of municipal science and technology, one third prize of Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology, one prize for science and technology progress in Anhui Province, and three provincial scientific and technical achievements, and participated in establishing one national standard, and one provincial standard, and got five utility model patents, two state authorized invention patents, and one design patent. The Company has a broad and close cooperation with Tea Research Institute of China, Anhui Agricultural University and other research institutes, and has strong technical force.


The Company is headquartered in Ancient Huizhou, currently has more than 600 employees, registered capital of 68 million, the brand value of several hundred million RMB. The Company has:


Six wholly-owned subsidiaries in Anhui Province, including Xie Yuda (Huangshan) Caoxi Tea Co., Ltd., Xie Yuda (Keemun) Tea Co., Ltd., Xie Yuda (Lu'an) Tea Co., Ltd., Xie Yuda (Hefei) Tea Co., Ltd., Huangshan Zuiwang Tea Co., Ltd., Huangshuan Youyu E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Xie Yuda always insists on the quality policy of "passing from generation to generation, being repeatedly tempered, pioneering and inventing, and pursuing excellence", adheres to ancestor's instructions, develops steadily, has recovered the century-old brand of "Xie Yuda", and is constantly writing new legend of Xie Yuda!


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