Cultural Palace

Built in September 1959, Cultural Palace of Nationalities is a cultural institution directly under State Ethnic Affairs Commission, is equipped with exhibition hall, National Library of China, museum, theater, national academy and other departments, and is the window to publicize national culture and carry out cultural exchanges. China is the birthplace of tea culture, its different nationalities and different regions now have a variety of tea drinking habits and customs, and tea occupies a very important position in national culture.


If the 140-year history of China time-honored Xie Yuda is a magnificent picture, then the three-century piety and belief for tea picking, producing and selling that the five generations of Xie always adhere to are a masterstroke: At the same time, we also see in over a century of historical vicissitudes that Xie Yuda always adheres to the sincerity to the tea industry, and persistence and inheritance to non-material cultural heritage, innovation and development to brand heritage, the development to Chinese tea culture, while these corporate philosophies and the historical achievements mingle with the aim of Cultural Palace of Nationalities to serve the national culture.


At the beginning of 2013, Xie Yuda Tea Co., Ltd. worked with Cultural Palace of Nationalities to build Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition Center hand in hand to serve national tea culture. In this 13-story building, Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition Center built jointly by Xie Yuda and Cultural Palace of Nationalities occupies two floors.

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