Human Resources

Competition among enterprises is essentially the competition of talent. Excellent talent is the source of vitality for enterprise development. Xie Yuda holds the people-oriented business philosophy, masters the essence of knowledge-based economy in fiercely competed information industry, and implements talent strategy. With a dedicated, unified, cooperative, high quality staff team of innovative and crisis awareness, Xie Yuda provides the customers with thoughtful, first-class products, and has established an outstanding brand image.


Strategic thought: Master the essence of knowledge-based economy, and value the intellectual capital of talent resources

1、 Establish a united, stable, high-quality leading cadre team, and ensure scientific, harmonious, and efficient management philosophy and corporate culture philosophy.

2、Establish high-level professional and technical personnel teams, strengthen the research and development, and ensure that our products stay ahead technically.

3、 Establish effective marketing personnel teams, and increase the market share of our products.

4、Establish efficient management personnel teams, and ensure efficient implementation and creative improvements of business strategy. 


Strategic implementation plan

1、Value personnel training within the company. Internal training of the Company is a necessary means to improve employees' job skills, identity corporate culture, train high-quality employees of conforming to the requirements of the Company. Find talent, train talent, and make the full use of talent through training to combine the Company's success with personal growth, thus achieving real "interaction" between the Company and employees.

2、 Actively introduce high-level outstanding talent. Good use of intellectual capital is the key to get victory. Increasing investment in the intellectual capital of high-level professionals is also an essential investment to keep the management, technology, marketing, and other important aspects of the Company innovating constantly.

3、Establish appropriate human resource utilization platform. 

We firmly believe that all employees of Xie Yuda are always the Company's most valuable asset. We are expecting you to join us!

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